Saturday, August 4, 2012

Interesting Erratum

Mr. Scott Rose, the activist identified in my post on Mark Regnerus, wrote to inform me that the photo I posted with his name is of someone else. My apologies to Mr. Rose for this error, and to the individual actually portrayed. I quote the portion of the message in which he brings this to my attention below:

BLOOPER!  ASSHOLE DUMBSHIT BIGOT!  Go ahead -- tell the public that I called you an asshole dumbshit bigot.  I took a screen shot of your post, so I'll always have evidence that you posted somebody else's photo with my name under it. I plan to call attention to the fact that your dumbass blog is choked full of contributions from gay bashing bigots. 

To be a bigot in the first place makes you an asshole.  To post a wrong picture, makes you a dumbshit.

The rest of the message is similarly temperate and rational. Let me confess that I make no claims of infallibility. I do try to be courteous, reasonable, and tolerant, though. In this spirit, I thank Mr. Rose for bringing the error to my attention. I have removed the offending picture from the post, but if the original version is of interest to anyone, a screen shot is apparently available. 

Aside from the mistaken photo, I stand by my remarks, which I believe are sensible, accurate, and without a trace of rancor or bigotry. I offer my thoughts openly and honestly, without hatred or invective.

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